Sep 21, 2012

Weekend Flix Pix - Cops, Baseball, and the Judge

   Wondering what to see this weekend? Well, you could go see THE MASTER, which I touched on last week, or maybe one of these tickles your fancy... (ed note: sorry for being so brief. I was running really late on getting this up.)


This is definitely the geekiest pick this week. Karl Urban plays the 2000 AD comic character that Sylvester Stallone pretty much soiled back in '95. I was always kind of partial to the Stallone outing, but not because it was a good film. I liked the design of it, and found it to be fun on that LAST ACTION HERO kind of level. This reboot totally tries to make us all forget the Stallone film by staying truer to the character and keeping the iconic helmet on. From what I hear, 3D is definitely the way to go with this, as it uses the effect really well.


Back when GRAN TORINO came out, Clint Eastwood announced that he was retiring from acting. I, for one, am glad that turned out not to be true. This film is about a baseball scout who is losing his sight. It's also a film about a man reconnecting with his daughter (Amy Adams). From the trailers, it looks to be quite touching and funny. John Goodman also stars.


I know very little about this film, other than the fact that Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena play cops that have a hit on them. That, and that it is made by the guy who wrote TRAINING DAY. The trailers didn't really speak to me, but the reviews have been really good, so maybe my instincts are wrong on this one.

Anyway, not a huge week. Next week brings LOOPER, so expect me to be a lot more verbose.

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