Sep 17, 2012

Blu-Ray and DVD Geek Picks for the Third Week of September

   Howdy Hey, fellow film geeks. Tomorrow is Tuesday, and you know what that means- a whole new batch of discs to put on the ol' movie shelf. Below you'll find my picks for the week. As always, this is far from a complete list of what's coming out, just the things that tickle my fancy.

Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures (Blu-Ray)

   Here it is, folks. All four Indiana Jones films in high definition. I'm a huge fan of all of these films. That's right, I said ALL. I know it may make me lose some geek cred in the film community, but I never had the same problems with KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL that others had. Just as the first three films were a tribute to the RKO adventure serials of the 30's, the last film was a loving send up of the drive-in sci-fi of the 50's. Sure, there are a few unbelievable moments, but I feel that if anyone can survive being nuked n a fridge, it's Indiana Jones.
    There are some new extras on these discs, but I have heard that not all of the special features from previous sets carried over, so you'll have to make the decision for yourself to keep them or pass them on.
    All in all, this is an essential piece of any film geek's collection. My girlfriend has only ever seen RAIDERS (at my insistence), so I'm looking forward to showing her the rest of my favorite archaeologist's great adventures. Furthermore, when my sons grow up a little bit more, I know this box will be well used. This is definitely the biggest release this Tuesday.

Modern Family : Season Three

When I first saw promos for this, I rolled my eyes. It looked like a major failure in the making, but -you know what- it's pretty darn good. I'm particularly impressed by the cleverness of it all and Ed O'Neill as the patriarch of the clan. The biggest surprise for me was how much I liked Cam and Mitchell. Their relationship is comedy gold.

Steve Martin : The Television Stuff

    I cannot wait to get my hands on this. Ever since I saw THE JERK (edited for TV, no less) in junior high, Steve Martin has been my main comedy idol. I still remember finding an old 8 track player and a copy of WILD AND CRAZY GUY shortly after my obsession began. The tape broke after one play through, but the album was a revelation. Here was a guy who found out how to play an idiot while being extremely highbrow. After that, I tracked down all of his albums on vinyl, listening to them repeatedly until I knew every word. The whole time, however, I really wanted to be able to see what sounded like a fairly visual act.
    Now, that dream is reality. This set contains some of the only filmed performances of his stand up act, as well as some TV specials and talk show appearances. I'm super excited about putting this on, getting "small", and laughing my ass off at one of the greats.

Ed Wood (Blu Ray)

    I've only seen this once, and I feel it demands another viewing. Now, it's coming to Blu-Ray for the first time, so it seems like a good opportunity to revisit what is surely one of Tim Burton's most personal films. I have such foggy memories of this, so it'll be good to get them all straight in my head. In particular, I remember liking Martin Landau a lot, and Sarah Jessica Parker not so much. I also seem to remember Bill Murray having a short bit that was pretty funny.

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  1. Modern Family makes me giddy- so I'm excited to watch this! A very re-watchable show for me personally. And I totally agree about Ed Wood- I only saw it once, but totally need to see it again. I think, my problem was I wanted it to be something else- I totally overhyped it my head.

    P.S. have you heard of Retrovision? it's apparently a free online video service. i just heard about it.



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